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                  Experience the Benefits of Line Dancing!!!

- Delightful for ears and souls - escape into a wide variety of music!

- Great low-impact workout that your heart, lungs, and muscles will love (yet it feels nothing like a fitness class so is even more magical for those who like to avoid the gym ;)

- Gentle on joints!
- Proven best activity for brain health! Check out the fun 2 min. video link below in red for more!

- Superb for the development and maintenance of balance!

- A safe weight-bearing exercise to improve bone health!

- A joyful activity to promote gradual weight loss and control!

- Accommodating for most abilities - easy to keep at a level that fits your personal needs!

- A fun place to bring and meet new friends!

- Excellent stress reliever - while focussing on our patterns, there's zero room for other thoughts to enter our heads, making it an awesome activity for living in the now!
- Fabulous mood enhancer and sleep aid; physical activity + friends + fun = less anxiety and a good night's rest!
- Easy dress code - wear what you like, but do aim for layers, as we will heat up!
- Inexpensive gear: dance shoes unnecessary - most shoes with a smooth, no-grip bottom that will allow your feet to slide a bit will work fine, or better still, just slip a pair of DanceSocks over your most comfy, cushioned, supportive pair of sneakers or shoes, and voila you're ready to boogie all night! (Available for $6/pair. See the FAQ's menu option for more about DanceSocks.)
- Forgiving of all mistakes - just do what you can and enjoy! And no one is watching; we're all too focused on not making mistakes ourselves!
- So engaging the time will fly by - you won't even realize what a great work out you got!
- And maybe greatest of all, line dancing creates a welcoming community of friends and fun. Newcomers always welcome aboard! 

Click on this link  (or copy and past it into your search bar) to see a fun and informative video centered on How Dancing Can Reverse Brain Aging!

Best Activity for Our Brains AND Tons of Fun?
What are you waiting for?
Let's Get Our Booties on the Dance Floor!!!

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