Experience the Benefits of Line Dancing!!!

- Delightful for ears and souls - escape into the wide variety of music!

- Great low-impact workout, and so engaging you won't even realize it!

- Gentle on joints!


- Proven best activity for brain health! Check out the fun 2 min. video below for more! (If the sound isn't playing, be sure to click the bottom right corner of the video screen to drag up the volume button on the speaker ;)

- Superb for the development and maintenance of balance!

- Accommodating for most abilities - easy to keep at a level that fits your personal needs!


- A wonderful activity for safe and gradual weight loss and control!

- Excellent stress reliever - while focussing on our patterns, there's zero room for other thoughts to enter our heads making it an awesome activity for living in the now!


- Fabulous mood enhancer and sleep aid; physical activity + friends + fun = a good night's rest!


- Easy dress code - wear what you like, but do aim for layers, as we will heat up!


- Inexpensive gear: dance shoes unnecessary - most shoes with a smooth, no-grip, bottom that will allow your feet to slide a bit will work fine, or better still, just slip a pair of DanceSocks over your most comfy, cushioned, supportive pair of sneakers or shoes, and voila you're ready to boogie all night! (Available for $6/pair. See the FAQ's menu option for more about DanceSocks.)

- Forgiving of all mistakes - just do what you can and enjoy! And no one is watching, we're all too focused on not making mistakes ourselves!


- A welcoming community of friends and fun; newcomers always welcome aboard! 

Best Activity for Our Brains AND Tons of Fun?

What are you waiting for?

Let's Get Our Booties on the Dance Floor!!!

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