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                                Lesson & Dance Along Videos!

Want to Do Some Free Lessons & Dance Alongs from the comfort of home?
Choose any button below and get started!  Hours of customized fun await you!

- I've created over 380 (and growing) videos that combine both full-length Lessons and full Dance Alongs with music and cueing to suit numerous abilities and moods!

Click any button below and you'll be redirected to YouTube where your video(s) will begin.

- Click a "Level" button below to filter the dances by difficulty level. "Level 1" is the most beginner; "Level 4+" dances are Advanced Beginner level and beyond.

Once in YouTube, videos will run back-to-back uninterrupted, but at any time, you can simply click an individual dance (listed to the right of the playing video) to open a different dance instead. Once opened, continuous play will start from there.

- Pop in and out of videos as desired, and mix and match to totally customize your experience!

- 50 of the first dances I posted are listed separately, by name, lower on this page. To select one of those for a single dance lesson, just scroll down and click it's name.

- Or use one of the buttons below called "50 Dances - Multiple Levels", "100 Additional Dances", or "More Additional Dances" to access all other dances individually or as a set.

- And remember, with a video, you can always fast forward, rewind, slow it down, or speed it up to get just what you want and need!

- If you already know the dance pattern, want to skip the Lesson, and head straight to the Dance Along section, just note the Music start time in the video name and forward to that time.

If you'd like to do one of the full-length cable-TV classes I created for the towns of Acton and Littleton, scroll to the bottom section of this page and click one of those buttons.

Whichever path you choose, have fun, and may you find health, happiness, and freedom as you dance your cares away! 

Want to Do Classes Categorized by Level of Difficulty?
Click on a blue button, below

Level 1

Levels 1 & 2

Level 2

Level 3

Levels 4+

Want to Access a Mix of All Levels at Once?
Click on any of the blue buttons below!

50 Dances (1st posted) - All Levels
(These same dances are also accessible individually by dance name via the blue links below. 

All Additional Mixed-Level Dances - 270 & Growing!

Rather use YouTube? Access All the Videos from There too!
Just look for my channel, called "Kari - Kari's Line Dancing".
or click the button below to head there now.
Remember when in to hit the
Subscribe button and bell icon for alerts
of future postings!

Want a Lesson & Dance Along for Just One Individual Dance?
Click on the name of one of the 50 dances below, or to access over 350+ additional dances, click the blue "100 Additional Dances" or the "More Additional Dances" buttons above.)

To select individual dances from within the blue-button

 Online Classes:

-Click the desired blue button.

-Look to the top right, outside of the video that's playing.

-Scroll through the list.

-Click your dance of choice!

Know the steps already and
want to go straight to the music? 
 Drag the video's scroll bar to the Music Start Time listed at the end of the video's title!
(Hit the Esc button first if in full screen mode.)

Want to skip to the next dance, just click the fast forward control on the video screen!

All titles include a level number, designated by "L" then a number e.g. "L2" = "Level 2". Use those to pick and choose!
"L1" is the most beginner.

More tips below!

If new to line dancing and catching on seems tricky, click on the How-To Videos menu option, above.

There you will find easy-paced videos I've created to teach line dance terminology and associated moves!
Knowing the terminology makes lessons lots easier!

To see more info about the dance e.g. Walls, Count, Choreographer, and Song Title & Artist:
1) Open the video.

2) Look below the video to the comment section.

3) Click Show More, to see all provided.

Enjoying the videos?

 Please consider donating.

For checks, Venmo & other options,
please contact me at:

 for your help!

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

If you've already learned the dance but need a quick reminder of the pattern before dancing along to the music, note the Music Start Time (at the end of the video title) then skip to 1-2 min. prior to that time for a refresher.  

Want to Do One of the Full-Length Cable-TV Classes I Created for the Towns of Acton and Littleton?

Click one of the buttons below! 


Each Acton classes is approx. 1 hour in length. Class 1 teaches Level 1-2 dances at an Early-Beginner pace. Class 2 teaches Level 1-3 dances at a bit faster pace. 

Each Littleton class is approx. 1.5 hours. Class 1 teaches Level 1-3 dances and is best for Beginners with some experience. Class 2 teaches Level 3-6 dances for Advancing Beginners & beyond. 


Dance your cares away,   

    & have a wonderful day!

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