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Shake Your Booty!!!


I was thrilled one day to discover that a little dance I had choreographed had reached far and wide - Shake Your Booty was on the map!

I was (and still am) especially touched to know it's reached lands of people from many different cultures. I strongly believe music and dance is a magnificent force, maybe greater than any, to bring us all together.


I'm in a phase of life where my passion is bringing the huge benefits of dance to as many as I can. They don't have to dance with me; I just want them to find whatever works best for them and get groovin'! 

I believe if we share dance across the globe, we will have much higher hopes for a better world of health, happiness, and peace. Even if physical limitations prevent you from doing a full jig, just listening to the music and moving to the beat brings out the dancer in each of us - that alone can lead our minds and spirits to unite and soar!

To this end, below is my video lesson and practice for the newcomer dance called Shake Your Booty. Give it a try ...

... but first, check out the fun of watching others do it! We all may have our differences, but let's share the things we have in common - the things that delight us!

Thanks to all of you who've been part of my journey, and thanks in advance to all of you who will help in my mission to use dance as a tool to create a better world full of love, health, unity, and peace!!!

Shake Your Booty - Near and Far!

From Singapore!

From Indonesia!

From who knows where, but why not dress up to dance?!

From Korea! Now these ladies REALLY know how to shake it!!! Go SuKi Dancers!!!


Your turn!


Now it's time for YOU to Shake Your Booty and start getting others around you to as well. Below is a lesson and practice video to help do so! 

Once you've learned it, be sure to replay the videos above and dance along with our new friends from around the world! Have fun...

...and thanks in advance for anything you can do to spread the joy!!!  Kari  :)

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