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Dance Instructions, Videos, and Music

  • CopperKnob is a world-wide database for Line Dances. 

  • It's a great place to look up dances you're working on in class.

  • For each of the thousands of dances that are listed on CopperKnob, there is a Step Sheet which provides written instructions on how to do the dance.

  • Step Sheets also specify what music the dance was written for.

  • A music video for each Step Sheet on CopperKnob is provided too; this is a great way to dance along to the music of any dance! If you want to buy the song, there is even a link to bring you to Amazon to do so!

  • Sometimes, CopperKnob will also include a video tutorial on how to do the dance and/or a video demonstration of others doing the dance! 

  • Having all that info makes it easy to learn, practice, or just dance along to all the dances!

  • To go to CopperKnob just select the More menu option (here on my website), and click CopperKnob!

  • To see just the CopperKnob dances I choreographed to get newcomers started, select the More menu option, and click Kari's CopperKnob Dances.

  • Have fun exploring!

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