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Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  Am I going to be able to line dance?
Answer:  Absolutely! I truly believe that anyone who wants to Line Dance can! 
Best case scenario: You love and have done lots of dance, aerobics, Zumba etc. If this is the case, transitioning into Line Dancing will be pretty easy for you, as there's lots of overlap with these activities. Your only mission will be to learn the terminology associated with the moves and you'll advance quickly.
Worst case scenario: You have zero experience in dance, aerobics, Zumba or any other sort of movement-focused activity; you've been told your whole life you have 2 left feet and you believe it, but there is still a glimmer of hope left in you because you love music and you love groovin' to the beat, so you really wish you could dance. Okay, your lack of experience will make things tougher for you for sure, and it will take you longer to learn than others who do have that former experience, but what's the hurry? There is none!
If you want to learn to Line Dance: choose a class, mark your calendar with your class schedule, and attend weekly and regularly for at least 2 months. It may not feel like it at the time, but you will advance every class, even if you do zero homework. Just the repetition will have you growing each week.
If you want to really easily expedite your learning, do the videos I created in the comfort of your home during the week. Simply watching one while eating your morning toast will have an incredible impact on your rate of learning.
Click the Newcomer Videos menu option and get started! 
Like all things in life, if you want something and you're willing to practice, you can make it happen! (Then you can go tell your nasty aunt who made you feel like the least coordinated person on earth when you were six years old that you do NOT have 2 left feet and in fact are a great Line Dancer!) 
In the meantime, know that the Line Dancing community is friendly and accepting of all, and we will gladly welcome you aboard and help you every step of the way to enjoy your journey!
Furthermore, no fellow dancer will care if you're making mistakes every second (provided you're not crashing into them of course ;)  We are all far too focused on getting the pattern right ourselves to care what you're doing!
So, check out the videos. If you enjoy dancing along to them, then this IS right for you, and you CAN do it!

Question:  What should I wear?
Answer:  You really can wear anything you like - some people love to get decked out, and some stroll in in what could essentially be their pajamas (that's me, as I love the breathability of cotton and fabrics that are easy to move in), but no matter what your style, wearing layers can help, as you will heat up during class, and they'll give the opportunity of adjusting as needed!

Question:  What shoes should I wear?
Answer:  Dance shoes will work, of course, as they are made to provide some slide as you dance, which is essential for movement, but any shoe with a smooth, flat, non-rubberized bottom can also provide some slide and work fine e.g. dress shoes or cowboy boots.
What I most prefer are comfy, well-fitted, well-cushioned, supportive shoes or boots with DanceSocks over them.
DanceSocks are inexpensive, incredibly convenient little sleeve-like pieces of fabric that stretch and fit over the ball and toe area of your shoes. They are really made to be worn over sneakers, but any shoe that is wide enough in that area will work well.
As I teach on floors that are not pristine (as a dedicated dance floor would be), I always wear DanceSocks over my dance sneakers and other comfy shoes that I like to dance in. They not only make dancing easier, but they also help reduce friction which will alleviate stress on knees and hips.
You can purchase The DanceSocks via Amazon or directly from the manufacturer. I prefer going through the manufacturer at and you can even order them over the phone: (212) 396-2489. They also make The DanceSocks for carpet dancing and they work really well too. I love these little things! Keep a pair in your glove compartment and if a dance opportunity presents itself, you'll be ready to boogie!

Question:  Should I bring water?
Answer:  Yes, of course you should! Did you really have to ask? ;)

Question:  Do men Line Dance too?
Answer:  Absolutely! Well, cool ones do ;) Of course, there are fewer Line Dancing men in MA than in the southern U.S. States (where Line Dancing is huge) but there are plenty in this area too, and all men are welcome!
Some men hesitate to get into dance, but as line dancing consists primarily of just foot patterns (versus upper body moves), it can be a much comfier fit for men than other styles.

Question:  Is there a particular right or wrong style in Line Dancing?
Answer:  Nope. Unlike ballroom-type dances that have been around for hundreds of years and have very strict "rules" for what is right and wrong, Line Dancing is all about fun and friends and expressing yourself as you like. So, be sure to bring your own personality and style to the dance floor. The more we each feel comfy expressing ourselves, the more fun we will all have together! Dance is art, so bring it on!!!

Question:  What kind of music do you play?
Answer:  Although Line Dancing has strong roots in country music, I love all genres and really try to mix it up - country, rock, oldies, pop, R & B, soul, easy listening, dance, disco, waltzes and more. If it's good, why not dance to it?!

More questions and answers to come, but for now, if you still have questions, please use the Contact menu option to send me a message. I will get back to you as soon as possible and may even post your question here!

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