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Class Cancellations

Please remember to read the Subject line of emails I send.  If I need to cancel any classes, the date(s) will be printed there. To avoid unnecessary driving, it's a good idea to mark your calendar for all cancellation notifications.

If possible, please check your email prior to coming in for class; if I have an emergency situation and have to cancel at the last minute that will be the best way to let people know. I will notify the COA as well. See the Contacts menu option for all telephone numbers, and don't hesitate to call if you're unsure.

I will always do my best to notify you of all known cancellations, through emails and class announcements as soon as I am made aware of them, but the info below is helpful to know too.

If the Town Offices close for any reason, we will not meet. 

No Classes Will Be Held On Any of the Below Holidays:
 - New Year's Day
 - Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
 - Presidents Day
 - Patriot's Day
 - Memorial Day
 - Independence Day
 - Labor Day
 - Columbus Day
 - Veterans Day
 - Thanksgiving
 - Christmas

If the Town Offices close for bad weather, we will not meet.

If there is a delay in opening the Town Offices and our classes fall after that delay, we will probably meet, but to be safe, check your email; I will send out notification. You are welcome to contact the COA or me directly too. Click on the Contacts menu options for phone numbers etc.

If your class is cancelled for the week, consider trying another one of our classes instead - use the Class Options menu choice above to see all of them!
Many of our fellow dancers dance with me weekly at more than one location, and we'd love to have you join us too! Trying out a different class (especially when yours can't meet), is a good way to expand your horizons and get your dance fix in for the week as well!

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