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- I've created many Online Classes using dozens of videos (and growing) to suit numerous abilities and moods!

- Each online consists of  full Lessons followed by Dance-Alongs with cueing.

- Take your pick, click its button, and you'll be redirected to YouTube to view the video(s). 

- As these are videos you can watch them whenever and wherever you'd like.

- You can choose easier or more challenging class options, pop in and out of classes, or mix and match.

- 50 of the dances are also listed separately - lower on this page, by name - if you'd like to learn just one dance at a time. You can use the Additional Dances blue button to access additional dances too.

- And remember, with a video, you can always fast forward through them, rewind, slow them down, or speed them up.

- If you would like to join us for live Zoom classes on Thursdays? Email me at KarisLineDancing@comcast.net or text to 978-844-1951.

Whichever plan you choose, have fun, and may you find health, happiness, and freedom as you dance your cares away! 

Want to do one of the classes I created for Acton Cable TV? 

Click on an orange button. Each is approximately 1 hour.

Class 1 teaches eight Level 1-2 dances with a nice and easy lesson pace.

Class 2 teaches seven Level 1-3 dances at a bit faster pace. 

Want to do one of the classes I created for Littleton Cable TV?

Click on a yellow button. These dances are different from those taught above.

Each video is ~1.5 hours.

Class 1 teaches eleven Level 1-2 dances, best for newcomers/beginners.

Class 2 teaches ten Level 3-6 dances, for advancing beginners & beyond. 

Want to do Level-Based classes using all the dance lesson videos I've posted?

Click on a blue button, below.


When you click one of these blue buttons, separate videos will play, one after another (without you needing to take any further action). Hours worth of classes are provided!

Level 1

Levels 1 & 2

Level 2

Level 3

Levels 4 - 6

50 Dances - All Levels

(Listed Alphabetically and Also Accessible via

the Individual Dance Section Below)  

All Additional Dances - 33 and Growing!

(These are Not Included in Individual Dance Section)

Want a Lesson & Dance Along for just one Individual Dance?

Click on the name of one of the 50 dances below and get groovin'! 

(For additional dances, click the blue Additional Dances button above.)

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Know the steps already and

want to go straight to the music? 

 Drag the video's scroll bar to the Music Start Time listed at the end of the video's title!

(Hit the Esc button first if in full screen mode.)

Want to skip to the next dance, just click the fast forward control on the video screen!

All titles include a level number, designated by "L" then a number e.g. L2 for Level 2. Use those to pick and choose! Level 1 is the most beginner.

More tips below!

Click a button and escape into the joy of dance!

If new to line dancing, check out the How-To Videos menu option, above.

There you will find easy-paced videos to learn line dance terminology and associated moves! Knowing the terminology makes lessons lots easier!

To see more info about the dance e.g. Walls, Count, Choreographer, and Music:


1) Open the video.

2) Look below the video to the comment section.

3) Click Show More, to see all provided.

The coronavirus shutdown was the impetus for my creation of these videos, lesson plans, webpage etc. Please pardon all typos etc., but more importantly, stay safe and find as many silver linings as you can!

I greatly look forward to dancing again together in person as soon as we're able! 

Be safe, and all the best till then,  Kari :)

Dance your cares away,   

    & have a wonderful day!

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