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Newcomer Videos

Learn the Terminology of Line Dance Moves!

The videos below will help you learn line terminology and related moves.   

Learning the moves and their associated names is the best way to advance!

This page will be under construction for a while, but I'm constructing it so that our class newcomers can get up to speed asap!

Learn the moves/terms listed below in the order they appear; they're sorted to get you comfy with beginner dances asap :)

Repetition is the best way to retain new info, so practice along to solidify your learning!

And don't try to learn everything at once - a little bit each day is most effective!

Just watching one video while munching your breakfast can have great benefits!

Have fun!

Newcomer Videos to Learn By!

New to Line Dancing? 

These Videos Will Help You Get Out On the Dance Floor with Confidence!

Learn How You Like:

By Doing Some Dance Lesson Videos! 

(See the Learn By Dancing section below.)


By Doing Videos That Teach Dance Terms & Their Associated Moves!

(See the Learn Your Terminology section below.)

Newcomer Videos - Learn By Dancing!

  • Choreographed specifically with newcomers in mind, these dances provide some of the most fundamental line dancing moves and their accompanying terminology.

  • If you're a newcomer, the order presented below is a good order to follow.

  • The terms to the right of each video list the moves taught for each dance; knowing the terminology makes class learning easier! 

  • Have fun dancing along!!!

Newcomer Videos - Learn Your Terminology!

  • The videos below will help you learn line dance terminology and related moves.   

  • Learning the terminology makes learning everything else a lot easier!

  • The current videos are designed to get newcomers up to speed asap!
    (More multi-level moves to come.)

  • For best results, learn the moves & terms in the order they appear below.

  • Happy dancing!

This piece is under construction and videos will soon appear here (as they do above) but till, click this link ________ to see my How To videos on YouTube!

Or, or at any time, choose More from the above menu, then choose Kari's YouTube Channel or Kari's How To Videos.


You'll find lots of videos there to keep you going! 


Once in YouTube, remember to hit the Subscribe button below the video (free) to get notices when I add more.


Have fun learning!

Learn Terminology via My How-To Videos!

  • Choose How-To Videos, from the menu bar above, to visit my YouTube Channel.

  • There you'll find lots of videos to help you more quickly learn the moves associated with each dance term e.g. Grapevines, Jazz Boxes, V-Steps, and Zig-Zags.

  • Soon I hope to post all those videos here, but for now, those on YouTube should help you on your way!

  • Remember to hit the Subscribe button, below the video, if you'd like to get notices when I add more too!

  • Have fun learning and see you soon on the dance floor!!!

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